HD Camera's for bikes are becoming an absolute essential. you only have to do a quick search on Google and You tube to find clips of riders having close encounters with car drivers and even pedestrians and so on. Having a HD camera front and  back on your bike will record your journey home and should you be involved in any form of accident you will have evidence if needed.

HD Bike cameras are also a great way to film your off road adventures or even your local club race. Watch the footage back and learn where to improve your riding skills or even show your mates the winning race? 

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Contour Roam 3 HD Bike Camera -16%

Contour Roam 3 HD Bike Camera

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Cycliq Fly 6 HD Camera + Rear Light -10% Out Of Stock

Cycliq Fly 6 HD Camera + Rear Light

We have all seen various you tube bike channels with camera footage of road rage incidents and peopl..

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