Scooter Wheels

Scooter Wheels come in a wide variety, most common are 100mm, 110mm and 125mm scooter wheels. The fitting is normally universal and you just have to get the right diameter for your scooter. We stock some of the best brand names for scooter wheels like Madd mgp, district, phoenix, slamm, yak, rat, team dogz, grit, luck, sacrifice, blazer and many more!

Wheel prices start from £5.99 for entry level replacement scooter wheels with bearings so that makes excellent value. If your thinking of buying wheels for a stunt scooter please consider some alloy core wheels with high precision bearings.

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Slamm Nylon Scooter Wheels 100mm

Slamm 100mm Nylon Core Wheels – SL509This scooter wheel from slamm scooters is a super..


Slamm Orbit Alloy Scooter Wheels 100mm

Slamm 100mm Orbit Wheels – SL581Slamm 100mm Orbit Wheels, Amazing CNC finish which en..