Madison FLUX Mountain / Road Bike Saddle Review

Posted by OnYerBike 12/09/2015 0 Comment(s) Bike Components,

Madison Fluxx Saddle Black, White, Brown Madison FLUX bike saddle

looks very familiar at first glance much like a Charge Spoon! In fact it's pretty much the same saddle. The rails, hull and the saddle shape are the same. The Flux saddle currently comes in 3 colors Black, Brown and White. They all look good. Even the stitching looks familiar to a charge spoon. The Flux is slightly softer in certain areas by using different densities of foam. And uses a side logo instead of underneath molded logo.

The weight is slighter in favor of the Flux saddle, its only 286g

Its a great bike saddle for the price and it's extremely hard to pick between the two saddle. Perhaps the Charge Spoon has more colors but the standard black, white & brown work well, and will always be great saddles for mountain and road bikes.

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