Child Seats

Child seats added to your cycle will provide enjoyment for your and your child. Hamax Bike Child Seats are one of the leading brands along side Co pilot bikes seats. They can be fitted rack mounted or to the frame. Many are quick release should you not want to drag the seat around when your on your own bike ride. Some are reclining and some come fitted with the ability to still use panniers and carry luggage beneath the seat.

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Hamax Extra Fastening Bracket

HAMAX Extra Fastening Bracket The Hamax fastening system provides maximum safety and fits practical..


Hamax Observer Child Seat

HAMAX Front Fitting Child SeatsThis hamax seat is fitted to the bike handlebar tube, The Car..


Hamax Sleepy Child Seat

HAMAX Sleepy Child seat Rear Mounted with One Point FittingTop features on this seat are ext..


Hamax Smiley Child Seat

HAMAX Rear Fitting Child Seats The Hamax Smiley Child Seat is rear mounted child seat, which is ea..


Hamax Zenith Child Seat

Hamax Zenith Child Bike SeatThe Hamax Zenith child seat has an elegant design and will keep your..