Bike Pedals for all bikes including Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Road Bikes and more. Pedals come in various colors and brands and it's really personal choice for which pedals you choose. You can go for Clip in Shimano SPD Style pedals which will give you more power transfer efficiency.

If Clip in SPD Pedals are not your thing then you could try a Pedal with a toe clips. These are a very popular choice. If you prefer to hit the trails and Jumps then maybe just stick with a good strong flat pedal.

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System Ex ED4P Sealed Bearing pedals

System Ex ED4P Sealed Bearing pedal - A good sized pedal for all round Mountain Bike use, Dirt Jum..


System Ex EM9D Sealed Bearing pedals

Excellent value bike pedal suits almost all bikes from Mountain Bikes to Road Sport bikes. Very sm..