Electric Bike Buying Guide

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Electric Bike Buying Guide & Best Selling Electric Bikes

Our first recommendation for the best selling electric bike is the VOLT PULSE E-BIKE

The Volt Pulse is a all round Hybrid Electric bike, it just great for your morning commute, your weekend ride or just for general fitness. The Volt Pulse is comfortable stylish but not to loud. It's one very popular and pleasing e-bike. 

Stylish design and powerful 250W Bafang motor means it looks great and can take you almost anywhere it just wont let you down. Hybrid e-bikes are great for road and light off road cycling. The maintenance free bafang motor gives you peace of mind when out and about on the hills off road and the towns hilly roads. Select a higher setting and gently ease up those hills no problem at all.

You have a choice of 5 PAS speed settings (0-5) with a top speed of 15.5 mph so it's your choice how you tackle your journey. Because the electric bike tech is maintenance free all you have to do is maintain your bike as a normal bike and just get a routine service which starts from just £29.50

The Volt Pulse comes as standard with a powerful Panasonic 36v Standard Lithium Polymer Battery (60+ miles) with an optional 36v Large (80+ miles) battery upgrade. Lithium Polymer batteries are the best batteries for electric bikes.

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Electric Bike Technology

Originally electric bikes were incredibly heavy, cumbersome bikes with low ranges for each charge of the battery. Thanks for significant leaps in battery technology good modern electric bike weighs far less, is more like a conventional bike and they have a far greater range, often over 100 miles +

Electric Bikes Good For Environment

An electric bike is incredibly efficient, on average it costs around 2p per mile on electric. It also does not emit any fumes. Using an electric bike rather that your car, motorbike or bus will make a big positive difference you your carbon footprint.

Electric Bikes Bournemouth, Poole & Dorset

We live in a fantastic area, there are so many great places to visit locally, the Jurassic coast, Poole quay, Sandbanks, Purbeck, new forest and so on. You can explore these places on an electric bike, no longer worrying about parking or long walks and even petrol costs.

Exercise and Fitness

Often our customers assume you just sit on an electric bike, twist the throttle and go. Whilst this is true on some models available. The majority have a system called 'Pedelec' The idea is that when you pedal the motor steps in and assists your journey. Now this is the clever part, you can adjust how much assistance the motor will give you. At the highest settings the motor is doing most of the work, at the lowest setting you are doing most of the work.

This is great as you can decide if you'd like to burn some calories and adjust the settings accordingly. You could also plan a longer trip start of in a low assistance setting and then for the trip back you can raise the settings to increase the assistance needed.

Electric Bike Choice

So you read this far and you've decided you want an electric bike. Which model is right for you? At OnYerBike we excel in electirc bikes. We have a wide range of bikes to not only look at but to test ride to. Choose from

  • Folding Electric bikes
  • Classic / Hybrid Style Electric Bikes
  • Sporty / MTB / Road & Off Road Style Electric Bikes
  • Cruiser Style Electric Bikes

We are happy to allow you to take any of our e-bikes for a test ride we have some quiet back road and some small hills in are local area to test the bikes.

Do and Don'ts When Buying an Electric Bike

  • Don't! Buy a e-bike without a test ride, electric bikes can feel completely different to how you might think, book a test ride today!
  • Don't!  Order the cheapest generic electric bike you see, it's cheaper for a reason. It may be tempting, It says it's an e-bike? A bike is a bike after all? We regularly get e-bikes in for servicing and repair only to hear the story.

"I purchased my e-bike cheap online from the XYB shop! They have closed and the parts are not available anymore"

  • Do! some proper research into the company your buying from and the brand, How long has the e-bike company been trading for and what are the motors on the bike?
  • Do! Always go for a recognized brand, we stock Raleigh, Volt, Scott and Ridgeback electric bikes. All very well established brands
  • Do! Set yourself a budget and try to stick to it, as written above do not be tempted with a cheap bargain brand that seems "to good to be true" the average cost of a good electric bike us £999 and upwards. Bosh motor bikes start at around £1799 Bosh is a name we all know and trust!
  • Do! Visit E-bikes Dealers onyerbike, we are open 7 days a week and offer free test rides on all our electric bikes.

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