What is a Gravel Road Bike? The Buyers guide

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Buyer's guide to gravel and adventure road bikes

Road cycling is an extremely popular form of cycling, British roads do not necessarily aid in keeping wheels true on skinny 700x23c tyres.

The British cyclist is catching on to America’s gravel road racing scene. Road riders take on miles and miles of unpaved roads hence our new road bike scene of gravel or adventure road bikes.

Gravel / Adventure bikes are simply more versatile and comfortable. They stand up better to light trails, bumpy towpaths and harsh British roads. The gravel / adventure roads bikes sit somewhere between a cyclocross bike and a touring bike.

Features of a gravel / adventure bike

Gravel Road Bike Tyres

Gravel / Adventure bikes have much wider tyres which come with various tread patterns to suit on road / off road or both. This type of tyre will suite a wide range of surfaces.

28mm wide tyres are considered a good starting point, it’s quite a bit bigger than 23c skinny road race tyres.

Gravel Road Bike Disc Brakes

Big change here, moving from rim brake calipers to mechanical or hydraulic discs brakes is perfect for gravel bikes allowing the wider tyres to sit on strong wider rims.

Gravel Road Bike Frames

Comparing to a more traditional road bike frame, the gravel bike will normally have a longer frame and overall wheelbase but with a slacker head angle. All these spec changes mentioned above so far make for a more stable and comfortable road bike at speed, these new changes to gravel bike frames are often seen on mountain bikes.

Gravel Bike Handlebars

Looking more closely at gravel bar handlebars you’ll notice they are slightly flared out to give greater control when off road.

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