Best Stunt Scooters - Stunt Scooter Buying Guide 2017

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Stunt Scooter Buying Guide

Our scooter buying guide - What are the best kids stunt scooters 2017 We have sold complete stunt scooters, fixed scooters & folding scooters since they started many years ago now. The stunt scooter boom was started after the success of JD Bug folding scooters. Now in 2016 we have an enormous range of stunt scooters from top brand names like Madd mgp, Crisp, Grit, Slamm, Phoenix, District, Sacrifice, Lucky, Team Dogz, JD Bug & many more!

What is a Stunt Scooter?

Folding Scooters Are For Scooter Stunts & Tricks

No! Stunt scooters are non-folding, stunt scooters are fixed scooters, they do not fold! we recommend not to buy someone a folding scooter for any type of tricks & stunts. The folding mechanisms create weak points. Folding scooters are really only suitable for recreational riders and younger children who are learning to ride scooters for balance and general fun.

Complete stunt scooters are normally recommended for ages 8+ but some smaller high end scooters for Kids 6+ are now available. Stunt scooters are much stronger and lighter than folding scooters with stronger components to cope with the demand of a wide range of cool and impressive tricks and stunts.

Stunt Scooter Wheels

Stunt scooters generally have strong alloy wheels with a diameter of 100mm to 125mm, will have better cartridge bearings, better sealing and roll faster and be more durable. Alloy scooter wheels also look damn good, it's the ultimate scooter pimp accessories.

Stunt Scooter Decks

Lighter and reinforced in areas that take the stress, normally made from aluminum the average width of stunt scooter decks are generally 4” to 4.5” normally some type of concave (around 3 degree) Stunt scooter decks normally have internal headsets which fit better and are much stronger than bog press in cups with unsleaed looseball bearings. The internal / Integrated scooters bearings are normally sealed and higher quality which roller smoother.

Stunt Scooter FLEX Brakes

Flex Brakes Spring or Springless

Scooter flex brakes is a non-spring brake. Entry level Scooters will normally have spring brakes’s although this is find for entry level scooters it's not a good idea ona stunt scooter, the brake will rattle after some use, this becomes very annoying and you will hear the word being shouted “my scooter is not dialled” more on that later!

Stunt Scooter Compression Systems

Compressions systems help keep your scooter dialled. It keeps the bars, deck and headset at the correct tension so no ‘head shake’ or play can be noticed when turning the bars or riding the scooters.

  • Standard Compression System (SCS)

The best and strongest scooter compression system so perfect for stunt scooters.  The scooter SCS clamp comes into play here normally with 4 bolts and a cap with a bolt which screws into the fork and the bolt is used to tighten and take up any headset shake. An easy to install clamping system that provides an external component (SCS Clamp) to clamp the bars into the top and bolt the forks into the bottom.

SCS Scooter Compression

  •  Internal / Inverted Compression (ICS)

ICS compression has to be the lightest compression for scooter around. It uses a long bolt (ics bolt) standard size scooter bars (31.8) with a thread less scooter fork & headset. A starnut Installed in the scooter Bars and a compression bolt is then screwed up through the forks into the starnut Best features of this compression system is that it’s very light and inexpensive. But it is not very strong and the bad points are you need to remove the wheel to tighten this lot up which can be time consuming and annoying as it probably will need doing often.

Internal Compression ICS

  • Hidden Internal (HIC)

The most used compression system, the first best compression system around for all the right reasons! No need to take of the wheel to adjust. The HIC compression system is Threadless fork with a starnut a shim over the forks with a top cap and bolt. Then this is tightened until any head shake is gone but bearings are still smooth. That’s it! This system requires HIC bars with a slit to fit which are larger in diameter to fit over the sleeve, bars are normally 34.9mm

  • Integrated Headset Compression (IHC)

Similar to HIC compression but standard bars are used not oversized HIC Bars this compression system in moving its way onto more entry level stunt scooters around £100

Hic Compression

What is a Dialled Scooter?

A dialled scooter is a phrase you might here when asking someone "what scooter would you like?" Dialled simply means it all works good, with no head shake, smooth headset bearings, no rattle in flex brake, no play in wheels bearings and so on! It simply means it is ready to ride hard!

Madd Gear PRO 2017 Scooters

NEW stunt scooter range for 2017. MGP action sports team are working hard to tweak and modify the new scooters.

Best Entry Level Kids Madd Gear Fixed Stunt Scooter

Out best range of entry level kids fixed scooters are again the popular madd mgp brand. The Kick Extreme ll scooter is a fixed non folding scooter with an excellent RRP of £79.95

They feature a narrow 4" scooter deck concave deck and a composite blitz brake, the scooter grip tape is full printer. the wheels are 100mm alloy with Krunk K1 bearings. The scooter bar is 22" wide and 18" wide. The best part about this scooter is the IHC threadless for and sealed threadless headset.

The Madd Gear Extreme ll comes in 8 colours, Sky Blue, Purple, Lime, Black, Red, Orange, Grey, white

Madd Gear Extreme Lime Kids ScooterMadd Gear Extreme Red Kids Scooter

Best Entry Level Stunt Scooter - Madd MGP VX7 Pro Scooter - £124.95

For 2017 the deck features a color fade on certain models this gives you an option of a minimal one color look red, black, lime and so on or you can have a two fade color like red to black. Full of great components to keep your scooters dialled for miles! The NEW VX7 Pro features a integrated head tube, light 3D forged alloy M1 scooter fork and a MFX Integrated headset.

MGP VX7 Pro Specification

  • Deck: Heat Treated mgp scooter deck with slight concave
  • Fork: Threadless 6061 Forged Alloy Fork
  • Compression: IHC Compression (keeps it dialled)
  • Bars: Japenese Chromo Bars with Power Coated Upsweep
  • Wheels: 100mm MGP 88A Anodized Alloy Core Wheels, High Rebound

One of the best selling kids stunt scooters money can buy!

Best Pro Level Stunt Scooter - Madd MGP Extreme Custom Stunt Scooter [SERIES 1 Limited Edition 2017] £279.95

When you look at the designs in the all NEW VX7 Extreme you see it's something special. The Hydro-graphic deck wrap is a new application for this year. The scooter is wrapped is this unique finish.

Keeping the deck looking sweet with an MGP clear grip tape so you don't cover the awesome finish. It’s a quality 4.5" wide internally fluted deck with classic 3 degree concave and cut-outs. Signature MGP 3D forged down tube welded to the extruded scooter base, this helps with strength and lightness.

Remember this is a top end complete stunt scooter out straight out of the box, no customization to do just go ride! you can expect the very best madd gear pro parts like DDam M3 forks, Grind grips with nylon bar ends, double bolt cnc clamp, MGP Blitz brake and of course the hydro-graphics!

MGP VX7 Extreme Specification

  • Deck: Integrated 20.5” L x 4.5” W Integrated 6061 T4 & T6 Heat Treated & Fluted with 3° Concave & Cutouts.
  • Fork: Threadless 3D Forged 6061 Alloy Fork with Cutout.
  • Headset: MFX Integrated & Sealed IHC.
  • Bars: 24” W x 25” H 6061 T6 Alloy Oversized Aero Anodized Bar.
  • Wheels: 120mm MFX Switchblade with 86A High Rebound PU & Anodized Cores.

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Hydro-graphic deck wrap - No two decks are the same - Customer Scooter look on the shelf!

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SACRIFICE Stunt Scooters Best Value [November 2016] RRP £129.99

Scooter Sale NOW On Just £99.95

Sales have proven in shop and online the Sacrifice OG Hustler kids stunt scooter is a popular buy this Christmas. With an RRP of £129.99 and currently on offer for only £99.95 it's excellent value for money.

Coming in Red/black, camo, blue and black/pink there is a color option for everyone. Features include 100mm alloy core wheels fitted with ABEC 7 bearings, triple concave scooter deck, 115mm wide and 500mm long. 2 bolt clamp, super sport flex fender brake (no rattle here) and Sacrifice S grips, oh and a sealed headset. 

It's a absolute bargain stunt scooter range and one of the cheapest stunt scooters for spec currently on the market. 

Sacrifice OG Hustler Black / Red ScooterSacrifice OG Hustler Blue ScooterSacrifice OG Hustler Scooter Camo

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