Bike Lights - A must have bike accessory for anyone who cycles. Make sure you are visible to other traffic users on the road ahead for your safety and others. Bike lights will enhance your road presence making you seen by others as well as giving you a good source of light on badly lit roads and paths.

If venturing off road you could look at a good set of rechargeable lights as they tend to offer superior light.  150 lumen for as little as £49.99 right up to 500+ Lumen are now common place. Many rechargeable lights are USB charging and with computers being ever so popular there's plenty of places you can charge up your lights during office hours..

You can also fit many cycle lights to your helmets as well as your bike handlebars. Lights will have various modes now such as High beam, mid beam, low beam and various flashing modes. 99% of lights come with quick release brackets so you don't have to leave them on your bike.

Most bike lights tend to come with good quality LED fitted longer lasting and better battery life. We can also provide dynamo bike lights which of course will not require any battery's.

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